An Intimate Ceremony in Boston | Amanda + Ryan

Alright friends, I've been waiting to post this as I wanted to make sure I finished the entire album before sharing here. But let me tell you ... I am SO STOKED for you to witness the cuteness that is Amanda and Ryan.

Their friend and officiant, Greg, contacted me a few weeks ago in hopes of securing a photographer to capture Amanda and Greg's ceremony in Boston. The two had planned to be married at the Long Wharf Hotel. Amid the pandemic, they opted for a ceremony with just them and their two friends who acted as an officiant, bouquet holder, cake/champagne bringer, hype man, and dress fluffer. They had a beautiful, intimate 9 am ceremony at the very corner of the Long Wharf and then we walked popped champagne, cut and ate cake, and strolled the area for photos. From there, Amanda + Ryan jumped into their limo to visit their families!