Hi Friends!

I first picked up a camera at 16 years old - my mother told me I could either have a camera or a sweet sixteen birthday bash. I chose the camera. I split my time between my two passions; photography and education. I have an M.Ed. in education and work as a full-time elementary school teacher. I am super lucky to work at a school that allows me to pursue my interests in the creative arts and bring that passion to my students.

Fast Facts

I’m marrying my high school sweetheart in October 2020! Our venue is an alpaca farm and you know I'll be taking bridal portraits with the animals.

I’ve been known to sing (badly) instead of speak when I'm in a good mood. This is not my students' favorite quality of mine.

I can’t do a cartwheel or whistle and I’m definitely embarrassed by it. I even tried watching video tutorials - it's just not in the cards for me.

I love plants but I can’t keep them alive so my place is full of fake plants from Target or Homegoods. I'll buy one per shopping trip and I'm running out of space.






"Aimee is beyond amazing!!! This is the second year she has taken our family pictures after I stumbled upon her on FB. She took incredible family pics on the beach including 3 generations and 3 dogs last year. She was so great with everyone and in the chaos, she captured the spirit of my family. This year she was not only receptive to a new location - she suggested Beacon Hill and outdid herself again! My children LOVE her! She captured each of their personalities perfectly! She got my grumpy husband to laugh and smile while walking all over Boston in fall clothing on a 90 degree September day. We couldn't have asked for more. I recommend her to everyone most highly already and will continue to do so!"

My Process

Let's talk about kids and taking their photos. Asking kids to listen to a string of directions and then promptly follow them is hard! That means, “sit here, fold your hands, don't move, look at the stranger with the camera, and smile” isn’t going to work for very long. I am a firm believer in play. When photographing kids and families, my priorities are safety and play - in that order. My job is to allow your kids to have fun so they forget that their taking pictures. This is how you get photos that seem to "capture" your kids' personalities. We’ll play games, go on an “adventure”, race each other, and play pretend. I most definitely will make a fool of myself in order to make your babies laugh. The goal is to capture the absolute best photos of your family - real smiles, belly laughs, authentic moments. 


Let’s be real, I want to be your family photographer for all the years to come. The kids will know me (who wants a stranger taking their picture, right?) and they’ll know that they won’t be asked to sit still and look pretty. Let's capture some beautiful moments!

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