Photographing weddings is always a joy, but sometimes, the experience holds a special place in your heart. In July, I had the honor of documenting a wedding that was particularly near and dear to me. Not just because of the picturesque venue, Stonehurst at Hampton Valley in Hampton, CT, but because the bride, Nicole, and I share a history that reaches back to our college days.

The choice of Stonehurst at Hampton Valley as the venue for their nuptials was nothing short of perfect. This charming location provided a magnificent backdrop, boasting lush greenery, an enchanting garden, and an ambiance steeped in history. Each corner of this venue was a photographer's dream, and Nicole and Matt's wedding breathed life into its stunning surroundings. The wedding was a harmonious blend of classic elegance and personal touches. From the exquisite floral arrangements to the vintage décor, every detail was a testament to their love story. As their photographer, I was privileged to capture these intricate elements and the emotions they conveyed.